Yellow Pages

photograph of yellow pages phone bookHow many of us still use Yellow Pages?

Really? – the paper version, phone book style?


I have received two copies of the new publication this week. One of them will replace the older one I keep in the office and the second will go in the recycle bin.

When I say office, I mean that’s where I used to keep the white pages phone book, the Thomson Pages AND the Yellow Pages. I don’t have an office as such any more and I really don’t know where Sharon keeps these relics of a former time. I cannot remember the last time I opened such a tome. Everything known to man and beast can be found on the Internet these days and if my regular friends and colleagues aren’t in my mobile phone contacts list, I’ll email them!

These days, if I want a plumber etc, I go to Google and type in Plumbers +Huddersfield and then choose from the answers given. Why do I need something that takes up space in my house and costs a packet to produce and distribute? something I never, ever use.

While I’m on it, Steve Smith and I were discussing the jobs that seem to have little point and even if minimum wage is paid – seem to be a waste of money: money that would be better used to pay essential services like nurses, hospital porters and God forbid the thought – more teachers.

  • Job-1 – a guy sits on a stool at the bus entrance to Leeds City bus station all day. Why? To stop pedestrians walking into the bus lanes! Surely a barrier and BIG fines would do the job cheaper.
  • Job-2 – (sorry Leeds) there’s a guy stands by the taxi rank, simply to tell taxi A (B, C, or D etc) that the rank itself (out of sight around the corner) is clear now and there is room to ‘move up’. Surely a big mirror could do that? 

Sorry – rant over 🙂 Nevertheless – Yellow Pages. Why?