iPhone Problem

I have an iPhone 3GS and despite various horror stories, I have kept up to the updates and have always been pleased with them. Until yesterday!

I plugged the phone into my MacBook Pro last night with the intention of transferring some photos to iPhoto. Bluetoothing would be easier (a task I accomplish regularly with my Nokia N95 + Mac) but that seems to be a feature that iPhone + Mac finds impossible (it might be me? – but I doubt it). Anyway, a box popped up with iTunes saying that an update to the iOS (4.2.2 I think) was ready – would I like to install it. As usual, I said ‘yes’.

Again as usual, it also prompted me (luckily) to synch recent purchases/updates on the iPhone with iTunes. That done I proceeded with the update/installation of iOS 4.2.2. And it never ended. The phone ‘froze’ and after an hour, I decided to unplug it and eventually, to restore factory settings. But the phone was well and truly frozen – nothing was happening. I left it on all night and nothing happened.

So this morning I attacked the support forums.

They are well worth browsing – but don’t, like me, ignore the essential information! Most of those discussing my own and similar problems said to make sure that ‘you’ were using the most up to date iTunes. I glibly assumed I was using the most up to date iTunes, because I have an auto-update switch ticked somewhere. However, when I was about ready for booking a genius appointment at the (not so) local Apple Store, Sharon made me check iTunes. When I say ‘made‘, I do of course mean ‘forced, coerced and/or shamed‘ me into doing it.

At that point, where the box came up and said ‘there is an update waiting for your iTunes’, I remembered it popping up on Sunday last – but I was busy then with something else so I told it to go away (postponed it!).

Anyway, iTunes updated and then, when I plugged in the iPhone, it began the restore process; followed by the re-synching process and ultimately by me giving up a huge sigh of relief. Phew.

I’m not altogether clear WHY iTunes HAS to be updated BEFORE any updates to peripherals but I do know now just how symbiotic the ‘i’ products are. I’d not previously understood just how reliant on iTunes the iPhone was and it has made me open my mind to the dark-side of Apple. Were Microsoft not prosecuted by the EU for making IE an essential part of their OS?

Last week I was told off by Ron Mitchell (told off is a bit harsh, smiled at would be a better description) for not backing up my ‘play’ Moodle installation before trying to install a new module – but I haven’t learned have I?  My advice then, to anyone reading this is ALWAYS make sure you have BACKED UP, or problems like mine above, become a crisis.

Here’s a drumming monkey I made last week!