Magic Mouse

Three types of non-ball miceI’m writing this fairly quickly, because my earlier Tweet regarding the mouse has gained some interest. My problem is that I’m not finding the Magic Mouse @ £56 better than any other mouse I’ve used!

Hitherto, I’ve been using my Gyro Mouse at home. I used a common or garden tiny USB optical mouse all the time I was in the States (my ‘for emergencies’, travel mouse).

All three mice are ball-less and designed to glide over any surface but the Magic Mouse seems to require more wrist action (and strength, although I mean that in the most minuscule of ways; it needs ever such a small amount of extra ‘push’) than the Gyro Mouse (although when used in a non-desk-top situation the Gyro really does require wrist action but it really comes into it’s own at that point).

I’ve had the mouse for over a month but only started using it in anger today as I’d bought one for Sharon’s birthday and couldn’t use mine until she’d been given hers. It really is a cool looking thing and promised the coolest ways of using it. But as yet I haven’t needed to use (found a use for) the two-finger swipe.

I’ve wound up the speeds to fast for scrolling and tracking and it’s OK, but still seems to have a little drag. I’d misread the info, so having to press control (ctrl) for some things is a disappointment.

So, what do I like about it?

  • It’s cool – another design success from the fruit store
  • It saves a USB port – it uses Bluetooth to connect
  • It’s white

And what do I dislike about it?

  • Mmm – paying £56 for something that’s cool, white and saves a USB port. Cost v convenience and hype doesn’t seem to add up. Perhaps I’m wrong?

Thanks to @davefoord, @jamesclay, @jexcope @peterlonsdale and @nathancobb for your comments on Twitter. I hope this 140+ character reply is in order?