Top Ten Tools

This is my top ten tools list for Jane Hart:

Enjoy …

I still think that PPT can be one of the more powerfull tools avaialble to a teacher – if used thoughtfully.

New to market over the last year and a bit, this UK based service offers transcribed MP3 production via telephony. Lots and lots of uses here for all types of learner.

I only came to this a few weeks ago but can see great potential for doucment sharing and presentation online.

APPs: various
I wonder if we overlook the power of Apps which are aviable for use on a variety of mobile phones. The Apple App store obviously rules the roost, but there are equivelents for most other platforms – Android being the one that most easily comes to mind.

There are many blogging sites and many ways of using them, but during the last fifteen months or so, I’ve grown to like the way in which WordPress works. Email to it, link to it from other blogs, see it on your phone. Great for reflection.

Generically, there are many photo hosting sites but Flickr has never let me down. It integrates well with blogs and allows me (and other learners) to share their static images.

Videojug, YouTube and/or TeachTube may well have been my previously preferred video hosting sites but this one, a result of the projects in UK further education, allows me to upload, view and/or download materials that are UK curriculum specific – now with a Moleshoot App for instant uploading.

Dropbox gives me 2 gig of online storage and sych’s it to any computer I download the software onto (3 in my case). it makes sharing and/or accessing files easy and convenient. Other sites offer more storage but why change? I used to use e-Snips but the adverts (often inappropriate) killed it for me.

Mobile Phones:
Why not? – They are in the learner’s pockets – let’s use them!

Etherpad type wikis: