iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GSJust before Christmas, I was given an iPhone 3GS to use as part of my MoLeNET Mentor role for LSN. It came from Italy [http://www.blogfromitaly.com/iphone-availability-italy/] and therefore requires no jail-breaking to be used with any provider.

Some readers may recall that I’d been loaned an iPhone 3G to trial last February (see bottom of post for list of related postings) .. and that I’d pretty much dismissed it as a phone: but praised it as a wonderful tool for use on the move (whilst mobile), provided that 02 could supply the necessary connectivity.

I’d pretty much decided that, apart from having no camera, the iTouch was the way to go. http://snipurl.com/twxcl (and below). And that’s the way I went from summer ’09. I inherited a 16gb iTouch after Sharon opted for the iPhone 3GS as soon as it came out. The iTouch did everything I wanted it to, provided I could get internet access via Wifi – something I was able to provide at home and whilst on the move via JoikuSpot [http://www.joikushop.com/] on my Nokia N95 and my T-Mobile Web-n-Walk data plan. Also see: https://eduvel.wordpress.com/2009/12/04/mobile-notes/

Sharon loved the iPhone 3GS and she enthused about it. I could see why, because many of what I had seen previously as deficiencies had been ‘sorted’ (see previous postings below). It could now do MMS, it could now do video – it was an altogether better tool and marginally better phone, but was still dogged by poor connectivity. No matter how many people defend the 02 iPhone service – I will not be convinced that it is good. Not even as good as the service offered by 02 on their other phones.

Then came the news that 02’s exclusivity would run out in the autumn and that Orange and Vodafone would pick up (have picked up) the mantle. T-Mobile would follow. Then came my Christmas present from LSN …

screenshot - not importantI’ve been out of contract now for about a year and had been continuing with the old T-Mobile SIM in my Nokia N95 8gb. I thought I’d take advantage of this situation to review my spending and to take on board some more technology. I therefore re-contracted with T-Mobile (at half the cost, but over two years) and received a HTC Touch 2 for my troubles. I’d wanted a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone to play with (and to investigate the uses for and with) and this seemed the easiest way to get hold of one. I also took out a second SIM @ £10 p.m. to include unlimited texts and 3G. So – I pay for calls and MMS on that (they come out of the £10) but get all my texts and all my Internet at no extra charge. This is sitting pretty right now in the iPhone and although I cannot use 3G until January 1st (don’t ask), it shows all the signs of being ‘well connected’.

So – comparisons between Symbian, WM6.5 and iPhone will follow but on first appearances WM6.5 looks and feels old and decrepit, the Nokia is still fabulous and the iPhone (if I can remember not to put my finger over the speaker/mic when calling/listening) shows all the signs of being the better tool.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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