Just a quickie

Simbas_Magnolia-2It’s that time of year again and pressures are mounting on all sides. Things that seemed so far away when they went into my diary are now upon me.

Luckily, early draft planning keeps my head above water – so only a review of work required and a period of last minute preparation is required. Like today’s visit to a Hospitality Diploma consortium, to carry out a health check. Much of the preparation was done six weeks ago and all I had to do was email last week to confirm (they had cancelled on the day once before!) the visit and ask them to print out some documents. The problem is that I forget the exact details! I knew I’d emailed, I know why I am going but had forgotten that I’d asked them to print the documents and consequently got up early today to do just that. Hey ho.

Tomorrow evening I travel to Southport, where the RSC Northwest Conference is being held on Thursday. I’m sharing a stand with Steve Smith and I will be Mr MoLeNET while he is Mr LSIS BDP PDA eCPD man. I’m going to deliver (I think) a Pecha Kucha on MoLeNET – so that will be a new experience for me. It’s taken me longer than I thought to prepare it – in fact it’s not quite ready yet, but will need to be by the time I leave tomorrow. The time is being taken by me wanting to leave a fully detailed notes page on each slide. When it’s done, I’ll try to share it.

The rest of this week I’m working on an e-Guides project that has to be completed by weekend. Phew.