Twitter Stuff

I ‘unfollowed’ a few people on Twitter the other week.

It’s not something I’m proud of as they are well respected professionals for whom I have the greatest admiration. What’s more they have not acted in any unprofessional way and usually I enjoy reading their varied and various posts.

However, some of their posts at that time were beginning to drive me mad.

I believe that social media is whatever we make it. Actually, I believe that we are still evolving social media and the ways in which it can be used.  We are still making the rules, although ‘rules’ is probably not the right word for where we are right now.  I enjoy Twitter for all of the reasons I’ve discussed before; varied communities of practice, water-cooler discussions, information, communication, fun etc, (yet I dislike Facebook intensely).

Twitter being limited to 140 characters, is an ideal way of giving and receiving information: no fluff – just comment and links. Managing the links can be difficult and many go by without being looked at as there is often just too much information to log or absorb. Nevertheless, I feel comforted by the information flow as I know that when necessary, there is always someone there to help. I like to feel that I help others too, when I can.

However, I have no wish to be treated to minute by minute, blow by blow updates of T.V. programmes I’ve no intention of watching.

I don’t watch much T.V. (well I do, but not the ‘big bruvver come dancing on a dessert island for xyz-factor vote for me UK’ type of T.V.) so I don’t really want my Twitter stream filling up with accounts of some crap that is probably being watched by millions anyway. If I was bothered about the T.V. programme in question, I’d watch it!

Fair enough, if it’s something like the Eurovision Final, because I can see the fun in exchanging comments about the song, the dress, the announcer etc. (not that I do it). Also fair enough if you’re Tweeting to say that you’re looking forward to ‘xyz’ or that last week’s episode was ‘blah blah blah’ but not a running commentary. Please not. Generally if it’s on T.V. and it’s on any one of the five main channels (and probably any of ten fairly universal others) I can watch it if I want. I promise that if I do watch it, I will not comment on everything that happens.

If you want to talk to someone while the T.V. is on – get a family, or a telephone – but please don’t Tweet me!

Another problem at the time was with all of the daily ‘this that or other’ Daily Papers that began to flourish over summer. Some mornings my Twitter Stream would fill up with just TOO MANY updates. So culprits had to go. I still receive and read the ACLJohn Daily – it’s OK; it’s enough!

So, what I need now is a special Twitter plug-in/procedure that allows me to filter Tweets with certain words or #hash tags. Anyone have one of those?