Screen Recordings

I’ve referred to screen recordings (screencasts) in the past but have never written anything specifically about them.

There are a number of tools out there which capture screen events along with any spoken dialogue and many of them come at quite a cost, which is fair enough if you need to regularly create professional output. However, many of us only need to create the odd screencast and don’t have the means of paying for such tools. I will therefore concentrate on just three free tools: one for a Mac, one for a PC and one for both (on the ‘net).

CamStudio [] is a free tool which works on PC platforms. It’s also available to work from a USB stick as part of RSC Scotland’s AccessApps provision. With CamStudio, full screen, or a chosen region can be recorded and the output can be .avi or .swf.

Quicktime Player, on Mac’s OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is also a useful screen recorder. It only records full screen but thanks to Cath Ellis (@cathellis13 on Twitter) I am aware that regions of the screen can be recorded if you have ‘Lion’ installed.

See to learn how to ‘trim’ the screen recording on the fly.

Shows various sites used to register with ScreenrScreenr [] is a web based tool. It can be used on a Mac or on a PC – provided that Java is installed. There is no need to register with Screenr provided that you have an account with any one of a number of other services (see picture). Record any part of the screen. Output is hosted on Screenr servers and shared via URL (embed code provided). Also available to download as .mp4 file or upload direct to YouTube. The video clip above was recorded via Screenr, to show how Quicktime Recorder can be used. It was then posted to YouTube so it could easily be embedded into this WordPress blog.

How would you use a screen recorder? Which would/do you use?