EduVel (formerly trading as Village e-Learning Consultancy) undertakes research, training and support in the use of teaching and learning – with particular emphasis on e-Learning – throughout the UK and European education and private sectors.

We are based in West Yorkshire but operate nationally. We are recognised amongst the countries foremost e-Learning trainers and have worked with a variety of national and European organisations. We have worked with organisations based in Latvia, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Sweden. We have organised and delivered workshops for educators in the UK and Europe.

  • We provide training based on the pedagogical use of technology
  • We also provide research services for large and small organisations.
  • We can supply a variety of online learning activities.
  • We supply project management facilities.

The proprietors are David and Sharon Sugden – each partner has a Masters Degree in e-Learning and Education.

David started his work in Further Education as a Chef – Lecturer, teaching all levels of cookery to all ages of student. In 1996 he discovered the Internet and began to incorporate web technologies into the development of learning materials. He learned basic html and developed web pages for his students to access as required. His ‘fish’ web was touted by many as exemplary.

In 2001 he was commended by a national agency for his innovative work. The following year he was the runner up for their Information Learning Technology Practitioner of the year award.

Also in 2002 he received a further Practitioner award for ‘The use of new and emerging technologies‘ given by another national agency. This mainly recognised his work with SMS texting.

He continues to push the boundaries of what can and cannot be done with small handheld devices. He also worked on all three years of the projects managed by MoLeNET. This was a £multi-million initiative designed to embed ‘mobile’ learning across the post 16 UK education sector.

Sharon has project management qualifications with which she steers and guides our larger undertakings. She has a wide experience of delivering online and face to face e-learning. She currently teaches on a foundation degree course.

Until September 2005 David had been the e-Learning Manager at Dewsbury College (now part of Kirklees College) in West Yorkshire, where he was a leader in all aspects of e-Learning staff development and strategy development.

2 Responses to “EduVel”

  1. Sean Errington Says:

    Hi David
    Can you get in touch – it is about work. The email I have for you is not working.

  2. Dan Bevarly Says:

    Dear EduVel:

    I want to thank you for referencing one of my blog posts on your blog ( In the blogging world, it is nice to know someone has read your blog. It’s even nicer to know that it has resurfaced in a positive and constructive manner as it has been in this worthy blog.

    I’ve spend some time on this blog and am impressed to read the forward thinking concepts to advance learning and education. As the Governor of California once said, “I’ll be back.” Regards, Dan Bevarly

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