A bit about David

I began teaching in F.E. in 1988. I was a chef lecturer for thirteen years. This is me before the ghostly washout

Since 1996, I have been actively involved in the development of staff and of materials for increasingly effective teaching and learning. This began when it was noted that I was  one of the (very) few staff to be constantly sat at one of the two (only 2!) Internet connected computers in the college. I went on to teach IT and Internet ‘stuff’ to adult classes and to support colleagues in their use of all things we now see as ILT (Information Learning Technology)

From 2002 until September 2005, I was Dewsbury College’s e-Learning Manager as well as one of the National Learning Network’s (NLN) ILT (information learning technology) subject mentors. In those roles, I spoke at or delivered a variety of conferences and workshops in all four home countries. I covered Hospitality and Catering, Hair and Beauty AND Early Years and Care curriculum areas for the NLN. I continued this role in Wales from 2005 – 2006/7.

Until recently, I was self-employed and worked around the country as an independent e-Learning Trainer and course developer. I still do this part time.

I had instigated and supported the use of mobile learning at Dewsbury; work which was recognised in JISC’s publication: Innovative Practice with e-Learning. I also delivered an action research paper on this work at ALT-C 2005. I continued to speak about e-Learning, m-Learning and accessibility at various events and until recently was one of the JISC TechDis specialist advisors (http://www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/). I visited several regions of the country on behalf of TechDis during summer 2012.

For the three years that the project was funded, I was a MoleNET mentor, working with a number of colleges across the north of England to introduce mobile learning to a wider audience. For two years, again until funding stopped, I was also one of the LSIS (national body – now defunct) sponsored BDP/NIACE Advanced PDA/e-Guide Facilitators across England.  I also worked with NIACE (national charity) as one of their e-Guide Trainers.

Quite a lot of my work last year (2012-13) was for LSIS, both directly and indirectly. I completed that era by working on their behalf as a critical friend for a number of LiT Grant projects.

Please visit http://eduvel.eventpages.org/ for more details of my previous work and other activities. Much of my current work is referred to in one way or another, here on my https://eduvel.wordpress.com blog. I am currently employed by the local college to assess Hospitality and Catering apprentices for two days a week, as well as a two-hour catering theory class.

My historic Blog pages are on an old web site I can no longer access to edit 😦  These, contain five years of my news and views.


9 Responses to “A bit about David”

  1. Helen Coen Says:

    Hi David

    I work in the RSPCA’s campaigns team and am contacting you because I read your post about food labelling. I thought you might be interested in a campaign I’m working on encouraging shoppers to buy higher welfare party and picnic food?

    I’m also keen to build a longer term relationship with you, and maybe help provide some content for your site, spreading the word about relevant RSPCA campaigns, if that sounds good to you?

    Let me know what you think!

    Helen Coen
    Online community manager, RSPCA

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  3. John Winton Says:

    I came across a photo you have taken of Llanonchurch – we are putting together a web site for the churches of ceredigion – as a charity and a not for profit organisation we have no commercial aspirations – I would like to be able to use your image if appropriate and possible ?

  4. looking forward to… « Mind Mug Says:

    […] really pleased to have been invited on James Clay’s next Podcast (April 21st), along with David Sugden… I think we’re going to be discussing something about online safeguarding/personal […]

  5. Helen Says:

    HI David,
    I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog. I wonder what your thoughts are about using several different blogs – I see that you have a few at the moment. I do this as well and I am considering making some changes and I wondered why you keep several blogs going. I am also interested in your thoughts about developing an e-portfolio – do you think they are a good idea? I see your citations and that also looks like a good idea that I might try to include in my blog.
    kind regards

  6. roberto Says:

    Hi David a very interesting story of you i am very interested at Molenet Program too, it seems tome very interesting teaching people with new tecnologies like PDA Mobile Phone etc.
    bye Roberto

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