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I have been using email for about a thousand years now, or so it seems.  My early days started in the late nineties with Pegasus Mail at work and goodness knows what at home with Dircon and the like.

It wasn’t rocket science, although at time it felt like it because any problems you usually had to sort out for yourself – we were all learning together. I soon put Pegasus to work (in college) by advertising our student restaurant and shop produce via ‘All Staff‘. And it worked – until some folks got fed up of the emails (“I don’t want them in my inbox – they clutter it up”) and I was asked to put the updates on the newly developed Intranet.

The interest in what was on the restaurant menu and what we had for sale in the shop dropped off immediately because the marketing service had changed from ‘here-it-is‘ to ‘go-and-fetch‘ – very few actually went onto the Intranet and fetched.

So to appease the few who didn’t know where the ‘delete mail‘ button was our ad hoc lunch and shop trade dropped off.

And so it goes on – about fifteen years later, people do still not know where the ‘delete mail‘ button is.

I received an email this week that someone, (someone with no idea how to use BCC or to create an email ‘list’ or ‘group’) sent to everyone they thought was concerned with a particular organisation. The email was sent to about three people (named recipients) and ‘copied’ (cc) to about fifty others (it may have been more, I didn’t count them all – but they scrolled and scrolled). I immediately saw the email for what it was: the named recipients would either ‘reply-all‘ and I’d know the outcome anyway or, (preferably) the named recipients would reply ONLY to the original author – in which case it wouldn’t matter. So I deleted it.

Others though, either not thinking or (more likely) with no clear idea of how email works clicked their ‘reply all‘ button to say “I so agree with you”, or “please remove me from this list”. So not happy with receiving unwanted emails themselves they decided to add to everyone else’s unwanted emails by clicking the ‘reply all‘ button.

Don’t do that!! Simply delete the message.

Once such an email has been sent it is impossible to stop it bouncing around the ether. Please use a group list or if necessary bcc.

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