Radio Song

DAB RadioAs much of my recent work has been online, working from a desk in one of our spare bedrooms, I’ve been listening to quite a bit of radio.

As I was lucky enough to be given a DAB Radio for Christmas, I have a world of stations to listen to.

Nevertheless, I tend to limit my choice to one of five or six stations – all four main BBC ones, Radio 6, Classic FM and Planet Rock. I don’t bother much with any of the local stations and more often than not it’s Classic FM that I choose when I’m working. However, this last couple of weeks I’ve also found that Planet Rock does the job for me too.

Poles apart or what!

Aside from the music itself, the biggest difference between the two stations is their commercial sponsorship. Advertisements are the life blood of both stations, but the differences in type and style of endorsement are just as wide as the music styles.

I worry that someone somewhere is pitching these at each station’s generic listener and missing ‘me’ by a country mile. On the one side I would need to have lots of free time and money and on the other I would have to be devoted to my car and its various services. I’m afraid that I don’t fit either demographic.

Is it just me?


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