Potato Crisps

Earlier today according to my records, I posted my 324th #sugsnip on Twitter. It concerned the death in May this year of John Walker – of Walker Brothers fame.

#SugSnip John Walker (d. 07/05). American born founder member of 60’s group The Walker Brothers. Real name John Maus bitly.com/tQoqeg

Within minutes @MardyCat had replied to say that she had thought the #sugsnip was going to be about [potato] crisps. Which made me think … ‘MMmmm potato crisps …

As of today, I have eight #sugsnip posts queued up for posting on Hootsuite, which leaves me with thirty four more to find before I finish on December 31st. I have seventeen, so I need to research seventeen more.

It isn’t easy!

I had thought that I’d like to go on and do another year’s worth of posts during 2012 but I really can’t find the time; not just to research the subject I choose but to choose the subject in the first place. Because of the eclectic nature of my snips, I’ve tried very hard to collate things that are off-beat and not necessarily known to the majority of people. For example, a recent post:

#SugSnip The first recorded sale of bananas in England was by merchant Thomas Johnson in 1633. bitly.com/rKaulS

… received quite a few re-tweets, although why this would capture the imagination of readers is beyond me.

So, I thought ‘potato crisps, there’s a subject to look at‘. So I did and contrary to my initial thoughts, it is the (ah, don’t give it away ..) – you’ll have to look out for the #sugsnip day 332 on 28th November!

Bonus snips on December 7th.


2 Responses to “Potato Crisps”

  1. Lisa Featherstone Says:

    Dave – I really enjoy these and will miss them next year. Has all this research given you a complete new collection of hitherto unknown information at your fingertips – or does it disappear again once you’ve done the research? Also if you’ve done the research and set up the post – does the content of the post surprise you once it appears? Lisa x

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