I resign (as mayor)

It would seem that I am now the mayor of:

And yet, I’ve had enough.

Is it the glory of it all? The weight of the bling? (hardly). 

No, it’s much more mundane than that. I’m fed up with it all. Gowalla too – I’ve already deleted them both from my iPad and will soon delete them from my iPhone too.

I wrote about my experiment with situational social applications last month – https://eduvel.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/gowalla-and-foursquare/ – and wondered then just how worthwhile they would turn out to be. Well, for me, they have not turned out to be worthwhile at all and have been constantly frustrating.

My main problem is that I cannot register my presence at every place I want to. Foursquare constantly tells me that there’s something wrong with my connection to the internet – yet everything else still works (even Gowalla, which was at first just as erratic). I find this very frustrating.

It’s even more frustrating when the only reason I can see for using the App is the competitive element of it. I’m always just in front of, or just behind John Popham and Alison Lones but never in the lead because James Clay seems to register every step he takes 🙂

The other day, I was in Slaithwaite post office and noted that it wasn’t registered, so I set out to do so but the App refused to let me because (I assume) ‘post office’ was already registered (although nowhere to be seen on the system). It has also been know to tell me that I’m too far away from the point I’m trying to register my presence at e.g. Clacket Lane Services, even when I’m stood in the car park!

Enough. I resign.

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9 Responses to “I resign (as mayor)”

  1. Foursquared Out « Tech Stuff Says:

    […] can probably blame (thank) David for […]

  2. alisonlonesAlison Lones Says:

    I think you just can’t take the competition! But then I have managed to beat James Clay on one or two occasions!!!

    I will be sad to lose a Foursquare friend, and the extra points when we are at the same venue! I do however have to disagree about the point, I think there are loads:

    I do enjoy the competition

    But the real point is the plotting on my Google map this allows to:
    analyse my travel on a weekly, monthly annual basis – quite useful when you are self employed.
    analyse the types of provision I have worked with over a specific period
    always have a map when I want to create Google map quizzes
    helps me pair organisations together at a glance based on location

    Over time the hints, tips and freebies will no doubt get better…..

    My kids use it now, so I can track them down………… (but they don’t post anywhere other to than their friends)

    I will tell you some more over our next beer….

    Looks like it is over to me and James…… watch out I need another win!

    • dsugden Says:

      Oh Alison, how I’d love to agree with you. If only 4Square was as reliable for me as it seems to be for you!

      It’s no good me even trying to plot anything, when I can’t ‘log in’ or whatever term I should use here. It’s like that (not so) startling news that my phone can track where I’ve been and when – it can but it doesn’t! I’m sure I’ve told you that my iPhone thinks I’ve been to Paris in the last twelve months … somewhere I haven’t been in the last twelve years. And the day I went to Glasgow, somewhere you’d think had enough masts of it’s own, the phone said I’d been to Inverness or Aberdeen (can’t remember, but I hadn’t been).

      My problem is with the inaccuracy. For anything to be ‘useful’ it has to be fairly accurate and 4Square can’t be accurate until it gets over itself and lets simple folk like me ‘log in’, ‘be here’ or whatever. 🙂

      The beer is a date though .. XX

  3. armaitus Says:

    I’ve been meaning to blog about foursquare for over a year now. The thing that stops me is that I STILL don’t know what its purpose in life is.

    I’ve had exactly the same issues with lack of connectivity and an inability to add places that I visit (The Nook Cafe at Salendine Nook for example).

    I’m currently Mayor of my own house (https://foursquare.com/venue/4059976 which foursquare allowed me to setup straight away), my place of employment (https://foursquare.com/venue/12843071 which I had to go to the point of securing control of the Google places entry, then correcting the entry before it would allow me to add into Foursquare as a venue) and my local Sainsbury’s (https://foursquare.com/venue/3294686 which I wrested control from another ex-foursquare user – at least I suspect she’s ex, she hasn’t been active for months by the look of her profile).

    The other weekend I chastised a friend in Stafford for not having registered his house (https://foursquare.com/venue/23301341), I wanted to check in there and so registered it for him – instantly I might add. Equally quick was my registration of the park across from the office (https://foursquare.com/venue/23880321) – which I am told I am 1 day away from being the mayor of. That friend, incidentally, claimed to no longer “play” foursquare on his phone.

    All that being said, I STILL don’t know what the point is. All of our local Wetherspoons offer a discount on food for the person registered as mayor… but surely that person is going to be the owner or an employee.

    I have to admit, I have only really started using it again because you had started… that and the annoyance my frequent facebook updates must bring to my social network 🙂

    I may still blog about it but with Gowalla, Google Latitude & Buzz and facebook’s own geo-tagging, I’m finding it harder and harder to see the point… unless the point is to reverse-stalk your social network contacts.

    • dsugden Says:

      Hi Ben,

      The one thing I didn’t do is register my house on Foursquare. I nearly did, when the GPS showed me as being by the church at Golcar, but then when I tried, it managed to pinpoint me in the conservatory. So I didn’t. There are enough ways for evil doers to know where I live and when I’m not there, without me giving them an easy one.

      But as you say – what is the point? I found myself looking at my iPhone everywhere I went, just to see if there was somewhere to register myself at. But then, in France last month I could only register at those places I’d been to that were within distance of the hotel WiFi because abroad – I don’t have any 3G.

      Hey ho.

      • armaitus Says:

        I had the same issue in Germany… except the hotels didn’t have free WiFi – even those that claimed to, required a registration payment.

        Otherwise I’d be Mayor of the Dom by now 🙂

  4. eLearningTechie Says:

    Should this post be filed under “James Clay is annoying”…? 😉

    Personally, I hardly ever use location services. It’s not that I am not competitive, but mayorship rewards are hardly worth having most of the time I find, and I just don’t get a kick out of earning badges (unless they are very rare, special occasion ones).
    Having said that, tools like Gowalla and 4sq had some value for me when I was at sxsw in Austin in March. The festival is so vast and spread out over so many different venues that it can be quite confusing. So in that scenario location services were useful for tracking people down. Other than that: b-o-r-i-n-g!

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