iPad in Tulsa

Here I go again, using the iPad to compose a blog post and anticipating the fact that It will be impossible to complete my task without help from a proper blogging tool (the MacBook Pro).

I’m sat in a very hot kitchen because the ‘majority rule’ has crap on T.V. That’s ok though, because it was me that put the oven on – I just can’t be blamed for the HOT sun streaming though the window blinds. I still love that fact that I can type with two fingers, quickly, on the landscape iPad keyboard, it makes typing really easy. I’ve also noticed that although I have to touch the [.?123] button to get an apostrophe it defaults back to [ABC] without me having to slide my finger over the keyboard (did you know that if you want something on the [.?123] keypad, you can just slide your finger onto the [.?123] key, keeping your finger sliding, slide over to the key you need and let go: the keyboard recognises your choice and then reverts to [ABC] straight away).

It’s frustrating not to be able to do several things on the iPad.

I know that it’s a tool in a Class of its own and that it’s not meant to be a laptop replacement, but there are some basics that it would be nice to have – like Flash video for example. The new BBC App is so gorgeous, it begs you to investigate most things it throws at you, but the videos are barred because Steve Jobs and the guys at Adobe have thrown their corporate dummies out of the pram. Come on chaps, I get the argument, but what about your customers? e.g. There are so many .flv videos out there, that will not go away Steve, why can’t I watch them on my iPad (I’ll concede my iPhone, although …??) I do get your argument re: HTML5 but how long before web sites (and the majority are very very small web sites and provisions) can catch up?

Another thing caught up in the Apple v Adobe fight is my ability to blog via the WordPress App. and via Safari. As soon as I try to embed an image (even before I get the URL from Flickr) WordPress gives up the ghost. Why? That particular bit of technology is Adobe’s. I know that I can email to WordPress but I can do that from my Mac, my PC, my phone – even my older Nokia phone, but the iPad should be ‘special’.


See the following blogs for non-work related ‘stuff’ while I’m here in the States:




6 Responses to “iPad in Tulsa”

  1. David (using iPad) Says:

    Many thanks for these replies. It would seem that I have touched small nerve?

    I have to admit that I was wrong about the BBC App. As James pointed out, it does work – I was just impatient (but may also have originally fallen foul of BBC abroad syndrome – I.e. iPlayer will not ‘play’ whilst abroad). Anyway, I’ve tried it and it does work.

    My point remains – why does the consumer have to suffer during corporate battles?

    Thanks again for your comments

  2. Nick Sharratt Says:

    Have you tried Blogpress rather than the word press app? It works for me for blogspot blog and for a hosted wordpress blog, but then, I don’t blog as often as you guys to really judge

    • James Clay Says:

      I have tried BlogPress but had similar issues to the official WordPress App.

      For text both work fine, the problem comes once you start adding images.

      You can do this via HTML, however it is virtually impossible to upload images to WordPress through the browser, adding images via an App is a bit hit and miss.

      Still looking.


  3. Colin Warren Says:

    Appreciate you sharing your experiences with the iPad & feel your pain re posting to your blog.

    We’re moving to Desire2Learn as our LMS and the iPad can’t edit a discussion message (well, only the subject line). I understand that D2L are working on this but the fact that there’s only one browser for iPad may be the problem.

    What do you think of the chance that FireFox will develop a version for the iPad, or someone else might develop one?


  4. James Clay Says:

    The videos in the BBC App should work on the iPad. Obviously the videos on the BBC website don’t. It uses h.264 for the app.

    Though there is the Adobe Apple bunfight, the BBC could quite easily out their video out at h.264. They do already for iPlayer!

    Reminds me of how the BBC hung onto RealPlayer for years despite the rest of the world moving to Flash.

    Like you I am still wanting to blog properly from the iPad.


  5. Heather Cryer Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I see from twitter you’ve been having a go with our Synthetic Speech evaluation protocol – I’d love to hear how you got on. Please do drop me an email if you have any feedback.

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