July 2010

I used to like this week. This coming week was the fun week when we chefs (and sundry hospitality bods) were able to meet other teachers employed by the college. This week was when we were expected to attend cross-college events and training. There was always another less liked week, during which we met our college colleagues, when we had to carry out enrolment etc. – but THIS week was always best. It was fun and it was often developmental in a CPD sort of way. When I first started, many moons ago, it also signalled the final week before I could wrap the family up and shoot off to France.

I still like this week – but now for different reasons.

As I’m self-employed, I can’t always guarantee when work will come my way but this week is always busy. On Monday, I am working with Kirklees College on behalf of the RSC-YH. This is odd because my old college Dewsbury, and Huddersfield (where I’m going) merged in 2008. The foundation area, which I’m visiting, seems to be run by some of my old Dewsbury Colleagues – yet my own ‘hospitality’ area at Dewsbury, closed last week: for ever.

On Tuesday I’m back in Salford where I’m helping a school to develop their VLE. I have a further two days with them the following week too. On Wednesday, I’m delivering a ‘Potential of ‘m” session for Newcastle under Lyme College. This is where I look at Mobile learning and Modern learning (with Web 2.0) and linking them both to basic (Blooms) theory. Then on Thursday I’m working with Ron Mitchell, for Frank Wall at Tower Hamlets College. I think I know what I’m doing there. Then on Friday I’m at Sheffield College delivering another ‘Potential of ‘m” workshop (x2) for their MoLeNET project.

So it’s a busy week. It doesn’t let up next week either, when I do the two days in Salford, meet a colleague in Birmingham and deliver another workshop for RSC-YH, this time in Halifax. And all this time, my brother and his partner are here visiting from Australia. He’s off to Heartbeat Country tomorrow and Wales next week – before joining Sharon and me in France for four days after I’ve delivered my final gig – in Newcastle on 20th! phew.


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