File storage and e-Portfolios

One of today’s topics of discussion was file sharing and the use of various facilities to create personal e-Portfolios. The e-Portfolio aspect of this discussion is certainly something that has taxed me for a long time and one that I have had a few goes at creating.I used to use e-Snips ( (Screen shot) and to promote it as “my own VLE” but over the years it has become unsuitable for use due to the way it has evolved. It now has a tremendous amount of adverts (Screen shot) not all of which are appropriate for use in an education setting. So, although it is there and although it offers up to 5 gigabytes of free storage (with sharing options), I choose not to use it. This is a real shame because it used to be the way I easily shared files with colleagues and people who had attended sessions I’d delivered.

Instead, I now use Dropbox ( for storing most of my files. The benefit of Dropbox, is that I can access my files from any computer I use, provided it is connected to the internet. Where one has the software downloaded and installed on computers (I have mine on my Mac, my XP machine and my Vista machine) even the internet isn’t needed. Files altered or added to the offline version are synchronised between all machines as and when they do go online. If we like, we can share individual folders on Dropbox (which I have done on several occasions) for all sorts of reason. I have a folder I share with my wife, because it’s easier for us to share particular documents that way (easier than email or saving to external media); I have a folder I share with colleagues when working on collaborative projects and an further folder I share with my iTQ assessor. Furthermore, I have the Dropbox App on my iPhone – which allows me to view most of my documents pretty much anywhere T-Mobile allow me to have a connection! This is my real portfolio now.

To make the portfolio have more value and to stop filling up the 2 gigabyte free space, I also use YouTube; to store video and to store images. This saves room because each of these services provide embed and share codes which direct the viewer back to the hosting site – meaning that the portfolio document need only contain the code (URL).

Other facilities I’ve used are Scribd (see in use for presenting word processed files online and Tiny Grab (see for example) for sharing screen shots.

Use of these facilities makes my working life, my social life and my learning life much easier, whenever I have a need to share or access any form of digital documentation. They could easily be put to effective educational use if only institutions were able to agree on an acceptable use policy.


3 Responses to “File storage and e-Portfolios”

  1. Lilian Soon Says:

    Chesterfield college are now making great use of Dropbox and Posterous to support and enhance the eportfolio in construction. They are also setting up their own moletv installation for video – this means learners can easily access the videos on their own mobile devices or pcs in a variety of formats. Brilliant!

  2. John McLear Says:

    Interesting, we use wordpress for e-portfolios and I’m working on a tool called classdroid that makes it super easy for teachers to take pupils work and digitize it.

    • dsugden Says:

      Thanks for this John.

      I’m currently working on a qualification with a small team of people and this post was hastily written to fill a gap in my actual evidence. I wish now, that I’d spent a bit more time on it because this is such a huge subject. I really do believe that, despite my earlier two posts (immediately prior to this one), there is enough provision ‘out there’ to replace institutional VLEs. I must say though – there are caveats (which is where I need to stop and think before writing :-() – not the least being my experience with e-Snips, and the failure of a variety of Web 2.0 facilties.

      Anyway – thanks again for taking the time to comment.


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