People are rude!

This comment was posted on one of my YouTube videos today “*talk a little slower plz*……… .[see]

I did laugh out loud (lol – lol) and then thought – why? It’s not just that this person is being rude – it’s more that he/she has taken the trouble to go out of his/her way to be rude?  YouTube seems to attract rude people. He/she is not the only rude person I’ve encountered on YouTube.

First of all, let me state that I too can be rude, mainly through ignorance on my part and if I ever find out my rudeness has offended someone I am mortified. I do try not to be rude and to be courteous at all times. I can often be sarcastic, but usually as a reaction to something and I never use sarcasm as a preemptive strike.

That said, my voice and pronunciation seems to have caused some people to shake their fists at the screen and to write rude comments on my posts – usually they are American and usually their rudeness has illustrated the poor job we did with educating and elucidating our colonial cousins (not a preemptive strike – read on). The following video has had over 58,000 hits.

It’s now almost four years since I posted this video. At the time, there were no other fish filleting videos avaialble that a) explained clearly what was going on and b) was relevant to students in the UK. Others were just flashy ‘see how quick I can fillet a fish’ affairs. Things have changed now and there are some superb ‘fish’ videos out there. Nevertheless – the comment stream below my video (on YouTube – click the clip above to view) is largely complimentary but there have been some idiotic and rude exchanges too. They are worth a read if only to assess the banality of some people (and my sad, retaliatory, sardonic replies)

However, some comments can also be creative and although the one below takes the rip – it is creatively done and I really did lol. I later met the author and congratulated him. Very funny.

Historically, I spoke slowly because I was a) explaining something to someone – 16 year old students maybe? and b) I was unused to taking ‘to myself’ in the way that modern media now allows (and expects?). Geographically, I speak slowly because of my Yorkshire accent – too fast and you won’t understand a word 🙂 Actually – I don’t give a damn – but there’s no need to be rude.


9 Responses to “People are rude!”

  1. Oceans Apart « EduVel Says:

    […] There’s also a tendency towards misunderstanding between our cultures: e.g. which was written after several years of trans-Atlantic comments on a YouTube […]

  2. Lilian Soon Says:

    Guess it’s a taste of being in the public eye. Celebrities get this to the power of 10 and never get only positive press. Someone is always out there sniping. Agree with James re not reading comments -I’m sure that’s how some celebrities cope. David, welcome to stardom!

  3. colhawksworth Says:

    I guess this is one of the downsides of ‘free speech’ on the Internet. We experience the highs of positive comments so often that when we receive a negative or flippant one – it kind of brings us back down to earth with a bump.

    Perhaps people feel more able to leave negative comments (for whatever inexplicable reason) because there is physical distance between yourselves and they feel in control…

    I’m with you on this one though David – I can’t understand why anyone would search for ‘filleting fish’ on YouTube and then add strange comments to it.

  4. michaeleriksson Says:

    While you are right about people (in particular on the Internet) being rude, I do not really see a big deal with this comment. The Internet does require a thicker skin than most more traditional contexts. Notably, it is a place where we have to count on encountering teenagers, uneducated people, and other groups with an overaverage proportion of rude people.

    Further, the quoted comment could be a case where Hanlon’s razor applies.

    • armaitus Says:

      Thank you for introducing me to Hanlon’s razor!

      It is certainly a good adage to keep in mind when trawling through electronic communications.

    • dsugden Says:

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment. You are of course correct – but after four years of such silly comments, the thick skin wears a little thin.

      I’d not heard of Hanlon’s razor before and once again, you are correct – it does apply.

      What saddens me is that many of the comments on my YouTube are positive and are supportive – but the banal ones just make me wonder what sort of people trawl the internet looking to cause distress.

      Hey – I don’t really care (really) as James says in his comment – I could just turn the comments off – but then how would I get the constructive criticism?

      Thanks again.


  5. James Clay Says:

    The more comments I read whether it be on YouTube, newspaper websites, even my blog, the more I realise that I shouldn’t read comments.

    Nice thing about YouTube and WordPress is that you can turn off commenting if things do get out of hand…


  6. armaitus Says:

    I’d be tempted to reply:

    “Use proper words and grammar, please.”

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