The election is announced

This is funny, and sums up my view of the election just announced.
Hopefully it is policies and potential, rather than politicians and pot-pissing that will win the day.

WordPress won’t allow me to use the code provided by the BBC – so see to see what the first two line refer to.


One Response to “The election is announced”

  1. armaitus Says:

    I just hope that people realise that we don’t HAVE to stick to the two-party politics that are thrust down our throats through the media.

    The majority of people I know refuse to vote because they don’t see a point; they feel that either Labour or Conservative will win the race and in doing so nothing will change.

    I then get laughed at or derided for suggesting that there are other options. If everyone who didn’t want a Labour or Conservative government were to get off their behinds and put a cross in the box for another party then they might well be surprised with the outcome.

    Just saying “democracy doesn’t work” or “my vote won’t make a difference” is playing into the hands of the very people who don’t want democracy to work… the two main players!

    I will be voting as I always do… and this time I think the party I vote for has a good chance to beat the others. They just need to let Vince Cable speak more and let people know that there policies are a definite move to change and not just a rehash of the old ways.

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