Moving house

I used to tell my students to never let themselves age. I advised them to retain their enthusiasm and to always remain young at heart.  To be adventurous, to be safe but overall to consider others. I thought that that was good advice – I still do.

Our brains don’t really get old but illnesses apart [e.g.] they do mature. My own brain thinks that I am every age I’ve ever been and at heart, I’m still a young, enthusiastic, adventurous man. My body though, has a mind of its own. I suspect that this is natural; minds and bodies rarely understand each other. And, we rarely talk about it.

I touched on this briefly before [] but recent weeks have been a real reminder that I am not in my mid twenties, which my brain is apt to believe, but further away from the wrong side of 50 than I’d care to admit. I’ve spent quite some time these last few weeks packing up my ‘office’ stuff (ready to convert the room back into a bedroom) and my elbows have told me, repeatedly, that I should stop. My brain reasons that ‘it’s only a few boxes – don’t worry’.

Sharon and Gail have packed up quite a bit more of the house and today [I drafted this a couple of weeks ago] has been the day to remove this clutter (where does it all come from?) to storage, in preparation for staging the house for sale. John Rousell kindly offered to help and we managed the task reasonably simply this morning.

But despite having help and despite it only being ‘clutter’ (John and I have always helped each other – and others – to move house) my joints are taking great pains (literally) to remind me that I am not the twenty one year old my brain insists that I am.

Yet, despite these signs of age, I can think more clearly than I ever could; I believe that I am able to reason, teach, train, address and debate better than I ever could.  How does that happen? Why must our bodies have (ha ha) minds of their own? ;-(


5 Responses to “Moving house”

  1. roberto Says:

    David i think you get the point .. body and mind often misunderstand themselves about the age.. i often realized that what i would do is quite different than what i can do

    • dsugden Says:

      You’re right Robertto. It seems to come as a surprise but it’s there all the time – we see it all around us, all the time.

      I hope you are keeping well? I think I get to see Edouardo, Angus, Christophe and Edith next week. Khawar has asked me to help with a two day thing in Wetherby and I see their names are on the list.

      Happy Easter

      • roberto Says:

        Hi David i am ok ! Happy t know you are still in contact with Chris, Angus Etith .. best wishes Roberto

  2. roberto Says:

    Hi David .. good luck with your removal .. i know it’s a painful thing to do

  3. Frieda Says:

    Good luck with your removal, David. I only managed to open a few boxes of books this weekend, nearly 6 months after I relocated to Rio!!!! My office doesn’t look like a labyrinth of boxes anymore!! I can see desks and PCs now!

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