This is just a test

For some reason, I write on the html page and have no code! Then I click on ‘Visual’ and the code appear (on both html AND Visual)

I’ll just try a picture too:

Nup – that doesn’t work.

Maybe I’ll have to try another blog tool because this is now unreliable


4 Responses to “Test”

  1. dsugden Says:

    Thanks James,

    That’s pretty much what I do – but occasionally (usually when I ‘want’ to post something urgently – although typing this I wonder why I would want to blog urgently) it screws up.

    When it’s playing up, I can’t even type live into WordPress.

    I don’t know why – but it’s frustrating. Working well at the moment though.


  2. James Clay Says:

    I find it really weird you have these issues with WordPress.

    Which browser and which OS are you using?


    • dsugden Says:

      Well James – all of ’em!!

      Firefox and Safari on MacBook Pro (both up to date versions) and Firefox and IE8 on Vista Laptop (Firefox on XP laptop tis morning)

      But – all looks well now. Unbelievable!

      This has happened once before – I could pretty much do nothing as both html and visual pages showed html code. i do not post direct from Word (I do into Posterous because it can take it) as i’ve learned that WordPress is touchy about that. I always draft in Word, safe as text, open as text only and then paste into WP. I then add images using the WP facility and add links one by one.

      This week though – nothing. But – looking just now, it’s working again.

      I’ve no idea why.

      But thanks for your consideration.


      • James Clay Says:

        The more I have been thinking about this, the more I think the problem is with Word.

        Word creates some weird HTML when pasted into web forms (I have had issues with Moodle and Word).

        One solution.

        Write in Word.

        Copy and paste into Notepad

        Then copy and paste into WordPress.

        Or just type live into WordPress.


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