Having prepared your sprouts ala Twitter:

My perfect recipe for Sprouts this Christmas.

1) First of all arrange for all sprout haters 2B out of the house. #lovesprouts

2) Trim outer leaves; put one deep cut into root (no need for cross). Place pan of water on stove to boil #lovesprouts

3) When water boils, add a litte salt (stuff your arterial thrombosis) and the sprouts – boil for one minute. #lovesprouts

4) Remove from boiling water: immerse in cold (preferbly iced) water. #lovesprouts. Now – 3 versions for completion

Version 1 – plain

Cook dinner. As you start serving (I suppose you'll have to allow everyone back in the house now – Mmmm) anyway, as you start serving, slowly melt some butter in a pan and add the par-cooked sprouts as they begin to sizzle, lower the heat and cover with a lid for maybe 3-5 minutes. Serve. You should have lovely crunchy (or JUST past crunchy), delicious sprouts. If your guests suggest they are not soggy enough – remove them from the house and don't let them darken your doorstep again.

Version 2 – Tourangelle

Make a white sauce (just make one – this isn't a cookery course). Copy Version 1 above but with two slight changes: 1 – add a little crushed garlic to the butter and 2 – add the white sauce as you serve the sprouts. Super delightfully delicious.

Version 3 – A meal in itself.

This time you need some chunks of smoked bacon or ham (sliced rashers will do) and some walnuts (no other nut – just walnuts). Melt some butter (or duck fat – yummy) and cook the bacon/ham. When cooked and about to begin browning, add the sprouts for 3-5 minutes and then the blanched and peeled walnuts (look it up – the peeling is not essential for me, but the blanching probably is). Drain, serve. Actually – for this one, youprobably don't need guests, just sit alone with a pint of cold beer and a chunk of bread and ENJOY.

Merry Christmas.


One Response to “Sprouts”

  1. Roberto Says:

    I have to test all them !

    Version 3 seems more interesting for me
    .. thank you
    for the recipes


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