Apple pros and cons

Continuing the diary theme: last week continued in the way it started: busy busy busy. I spent my actual birthday at the Apple offices in Regent Street and although much of the day was a repeat for me, I remain impressed by what can be achieved with Apple kit.

I was even more impressed by the iPhone’s accessibility functions. For me, an iPhone skeptic – the accessibility functions appear to be brilliant and I’m on a quest right now to check them out further. I also want to compare them to other phones’ accessible features.

I’m still reserved about the iPhone because although I understand, know and agree that it is a wonderful device – it is not a good phone. No matter what excuses people roll out in its defence the iPhone does not receive calls in places other phones on the same (previously only O2) network can. So come on Apple: up your game a bit here.

Just launched: iPhone via Tesco? Well I never. Sadly, I’m told that they use the same network as O2 so no change there then – just cheaper.

With Sally and Nigel, Sue and Barbara, I then helped to deliver Advanced e-Guides and PDAs in London (Tuesday) and Birmingham (Thursday). I had returned to the Thistle Hotel in Birmingham on Wednesday evening hoping to finally speak with someone in authority about my ‘missing’ camera. Despite phoning and writing to the company, I had had no reply whatsoever to my enquiries. If nothing else, this was very poor customer service by Thistle Hotel Birmingham. I did meet someone and he promised to get back to me within seven days. We’ll see. Full details published here if he doesn’t.

On Friday I visited The Manchester College to meet their MoLeNET team. They are partnering with Burnley College and it was therefore a great pleasure to see them represented by Jo Crumblehome. Jo and I had met several years ago and she gained my tremendous respect for the work she was doing with and for blind learners at the Burnley Football Club (a college outreach centre). We’d met up again last week at Apple but it was still great to realise that Burnley’s project is in safe hands. The Manchester team are another great bunch, firmly focused on learner outcome and effective, pedagogical use of devices.

So – just a week to go before things slacken off for Christmas!


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