Action Plans

There’s nothing much to report or rant about this last week or so: work seems to have fallen into a humdrum never-ending pattern. The last two weeks have pretty much involved reading, passing back and eventually accepting action plans for one of the programmes [see rant-note below re: spelling] I’m working on.

What is it that’s so hard about Action Plans? I remember Janet Pittaway, my boss at the time, making me realise that for every action there needed to be a desired outcome and the bits in between were how you make sure it gets done. The ones we’re looking at for this programme also have impact measures and that really seems to be a difficult title for many. I’ve tried to say (did say to one guy) that an action might be along the following lines:

Aim: (to play football and) to win the game
Action 1: To score a goal – Outcome 1: goal is scored.
Action 2: To prevent other team scoring goal – Outcome 2: opposing team are prevented from scoring goal. Impact: Game is won. Measure = 3 league point awarded.

I know it’s corny but it seemed to work – I got better actions and impact measures!

Anyway, I’ve also been to Liverpool and Birmingham over the last two weeks, researching European Project work and representing a colleague at a seminar requiring ICT input. Sharon came to Liverpool with me and we ended the day with a nice meal at el Rincon in Manchester – nice Tapas.Programme

Programme – that’s our word for, well … programme isn’t it? Well, because I got a red line i double checked and it seems that Americans think it’s a variant of program. Surely it’s the other way around?  Grrr. See