OK – I'm finally irritated enough to comment on this.

I love my MacBook Pro. Everything about it is 'fab' – except its simple refusal to recogniZe English spelling of words. I know that i can add the word in question to my dictionary BUT WHY SHOULD I? Microsoft allow me the luxury of choosing my native language – why can't the (super talented) hippies in San Francisco do the same?

The letter zed (zee????) has no place in realise; itemise; criticise (they even have to change the 'z' to an 's' in criticism!!) and so on.

Get a life chaps and chapettes at Apple – give us our language back!



4 Responses to “AmericaniZation”

  1. Oceans Apart « EduVel Says:

    […] that I have raised the subject of the ‘AmericaniZation‘ of our language before. E.g. There’s also a tendency towards misunderstanding between our cultures: e.g. […]

  2. Action Plans « The New Village e-Learning Blog Says:

    […] Programme – that’s our word for, well … programme isn’t it? Well, because I got a red line i double checked and it seems that Americans think it’s a variant of program. Surely it’s the other way around?  Grrr. See […]

  3. Col Says:

    Ha Ha! I’m afraid, I’m guilty of allowing my spellcheck to rule my life – not that I’m lazy (lasy?) with my spelling; I was raised on a US hippie or perhaps beatnik English Language and Comprehension system.
    So I’ve always flipped in and out of UK & US spelling.

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