Back in control of the Mother Ship

Mobile Learning

It’s taking me a while to get my feet back under the Mother Ship controls. Jet lag has been a huge problem this trip. (If you missed it – I’ve been away:

Yesterday, Monday; I was up and working at 3.30am as I couldn’t sleep, then today I couldn’t get up! But that should be it now. It will certainly have to be as I have to be on the road by 6.15am tomorrow for a job in Blackpool.

I’ve taken the time today to catch up on some reading. Thanks to John Trinder, who forwarded a post he’d seen to the PDAs in Education JISCmail group, I’ve had access to a number of up-to-the-minute papers on mobile learning. Some that stood out were: This one is mainly an overview of a course but has links to a number of useful resources. From here I found:
Which has a plathora of links and resources, one of which was: – a huge list of things to do with a handheld device. This accompanies Lilian‘s ‘30/31/32 things to do with a mobile phone‘ nicely.

My Favourite was From this I have developed a handout which can accompany a mobile learning activity I am planning. This is a group on flickr – which may or may not be useful to anyone reading this. For me it is a useful resource for ideas on how mobile devices are being used outside the classroom.

MMmmm. I’ve just been told that the workshop I’m (almost through) planning for tomorrow won’t be the anticipated ‘all day’ gig and that I should prepare 3 x 2 hours ones instead. So gotta go now. 🙂

Useful information for Flickr users:


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