MacBook Pro 2

I know that I will have to list other idiosyncrasies as time goes by – and I know that I finished last time on keyboard shortcuts (or, [sorry Gail] long-cuts in this case) but this time I want to start with the things that have helped me to be productive on the Mac.

The first thing was Flip4Mac WMV Flip4Mac WMV allows you to play, import and export Windows Media® files from most QuickTime applications including QuickTime Player, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Well I don’t have Final Cut – but I do have the rest. As most of my work up until now has been on Microsoft products, it had been annoying not to be able to play .wmv files. The download also includes an Internet plug-in that plays Windows Media streams within Safari and other web browsers.

I also needed a Cam Studio like tool that worked on the Mac – but couldn’t find one. I’m sure that there’s one out there but I haven’t found it yet. So I used Screencast-o-Matic. This worked perfectly and in many ways (although I don’t know why) better than on the PC based machines. So capturing mouse movements on screen along with audio voice over, is no problem. I could do with a Mac based version of Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 though – any ideas?

Another thing that helped productivity was Firefox for the Mac. The Safari browser is ok and seemed to do ‘stuff’ without complaint, but I couldn’t get it to work on Moodle! It would show me pages and let me interact but wouldn’t let me ‘author’ – which was a nuisance (b.t.w. – is Nuisance THE hardest word to spell?)

My next MacBook Pro post will discuss my trials with iTunes – a journey I’m just beginning. Also my feelings now that I know I was sold an end-of-line product and missed out on a seven hour battery (image above explained next time)


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  2. Di Dawson Says:

    My favourite applications would be iShowU to capture the screen – really effective but pushes out .movs

    But these can be dragged and dropped into Keynote. I agree with James Keynote is fantastic to create impressive shows.

    So I also use Visual Hub or Handbrake to convert videos on a regular basis.

    As you know Shift, Command and 4 captures screen shots – I use something called DropJPG to convert the png into jpgs easily. Of course you can also open the image in Preview and save as jpg but that takes a few seconds. DropJPG is instant.

    Why not get a Virtual Machine – such as VMWare and then you can run Windows as well so you can still use Photostory if you want. Or use BootCamp….or use CrossOver which allows you to run Internet Explorer in Mac – useful to check in IE if you’re preparing web stuff in Firefox.. especially Moodle courses.

    I have Final Cut Pro but need the summer to understand it.. perhaps we need a Summer Nerd Camp where we can all get together to train each other?

    So many options….so little time……

  3. James Clay Says:

    I would suggest either using iMovie or Keynote as a Photostory replacement. Both allow you to add still images and then add a voiceover. Also both would allow you to add text to your “story” and both will export into a variety of video formats.

    The Safari/Moodle issue with the WYSIWYG editor. Safari is based on WebKit. So why doesn’t the HTML editor in Moodle work in WebKit?

    The HTML editor is an old editor which has been discontinued. Newer HTML editors exist which do work in WebKit browsers such as Safari and Chrome.

    The answer from browser developers appears to be, update your web sites and applications!

    Eventually things will work fine, as Moodle 2.0 uses the newer TinyMCE HTML editor which does work in WebKit browsers.


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