RSC Northwest Conference

Another week, another conference. This week it’s been that of the RSC Northwest and this was held at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre in (guess … ) Southport.

I particularly enjoy this region’s conference because, over the years, I’ve made so many friends and acquaintances there. I was first asked to work in the region as an NLN Mentor back in 2002. Chrissie and Benita were developing an ILT (information learning technology) event for Caterers (with Kevin Brennan) and I’d been asked to join them. This was a great and I’m still in contact with them – and with the RSC NW team which grew remarkably over time.

I’d originally asked for a Village e-Learning Consultancy table but this was not allowed because at the time, they had decided not to have any commercial interest involved. This upset me because I am only ‘commercial’ by default. My ‘profit’ is my salary! Anyway, two of us agreed to share a table: I would be representing MoLeNET and Steve Smith (self employed like me) would represent the LSIS eCPD programme. This was a great success and we were both able to meet and talk to a whole load of people interested in both programmes.

I’d also opted to deliver a Petcha Kutcha – something I’d never done before. See picture

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Delivering 20 slides at 20 seconds each was quite nerve racking but the audience were brilliant. It was an interesting experience. I tried recording my voice too – but this can’t be read on the MacBook Pro I’m using now – so I’m not sure how it will sound. I’ll update the Slideshare if it looks like working.

There was much talk today (which I fomented) of new MoLeNET projects and formative consortia. This made me feel like my visit had been worthwhile. Another great event.