Tags and Tagging

I’ve just finished talking to Kevin Hickey [http://newlearning.wordpress.com/] and James Clay [http://elearningstuff.wordpress.com/] on Skype – as part of what should become ‘elearning stuff #23’. Part of the discussion made me think of something – which I will relate here:

Tags – how important are they?

My Flickr site (see alongside) contains many of the photos I wish to share with others, whether the reason is for fun (e.g. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3180/3032786376_610d4beb38.jpg?v=0) or because I think the image might be useful to someone (most of them).

The image shown here was taken by me at the National Science Learning Centre (NSLC) last year and I posted it because it might be useful to some. It must be useful to many because it is the second most visited image on my site. I tried to think why this image is so popular and can only come up with the idea that it is the tags I used (quite unthinkingly).







I suspect therefore that there are many people out there searching for Human, Body, Parts. Weirdo’s!

The first in the list of most popular images on my site by the way is: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1384/1463841108_1c8609d7dc.jpg?v=0 has been on Flickr much longer and is part of a specialist ‘Flickr Group’ – which attracts wider interest.


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